Brewing instructor offers insights at honors colloquium

Published 05.22.2020

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Pennsylvania College of Technology’s brewing and fermentation science instructor shared his expertise at Susquehanna University earlier in the Spring 2020 semester as part of its yearlong Honors Sophomore Colloquium.

Timothy L. Yarrington presented “The Piracy of Brewing: How Brewers Exploit Natural Systems for Personal Pleasure and Financial Gain” at the colloquium, which has focused on the topic of alcohol as part of the centenary of Prohibition.

Timothy L. YarringtonYarrington’s talk explored the impacts beer and brewing have had on human civilization. Students were provided a glimpse into the ways brewers have, for centuries, applied critical thinking and the scientific method to gain extensive understanding of the physical, chemical and biological systems influencing the quality of their products.

The Honors Sophomore Colloquium features lectures by specialists across disciplines in order to develop a framework of interdisciplinary learning and intellectual engagement for students.

Yarrington graduated from the Master Brewers Program at the American School for Malting and Brewing Science and Technology, University of California, Davis, and passed the Institute of Brewing and Distilling Associate Membership Examination. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife science from Penn State.

Yarrington is founding brewer, head of brewing operations and brewmaster at Elk Creek Café + Ale Works, in Millheim. Earlier in his brewing career, he captured gold and bronze medals at the Great American Beer Festival, held annually in Denver.

The brewing and fermentation science two-year degree is being transformed to a one-year certificate program in order to meet industry and prospective students’ needs, with an anticipated start date of Fall 2021. Call the School of Business, Arts & Sciences at 570-327-4521 with any questions.

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