Saudi nursing student proud of educational journey

Published 03.05.2020

Student News

Samar Al-quraishThe On the Pulse news site continues its weeklong look at international students studying locally with a profile of Samar Al-quraish, a Saudi Arabian student in Penn College's baccalaureate nursing major. “She’s connected to the community, she’s a leader on campus and she’s doing great in her classes,” says Shanin L. Dougherty, coordinator of international programs at the college. "She’s kind of the trifecta that we hope for." Al-quraish shares a story of tenacity and triumph it took her several tries to qualify for the program in which her husband, Mohanad T., is also enrolled and candidly talks of homesickness, travel and holding on to her culture while adapting to a new one. A portrait of perseverance since traveling here in 2015, she has a clear message to herself:  "I will say, 'I’m proud of you. You made it, you didn’t give up. And you changed a lot.'" she says. "Being abroad ... made me grow up more. It was a big difference for me."