Penn College provides varied pathways to nursing career

Published 01.29.2020

Nursing & Health Sciences
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Pennsylvania College of Technology’s nursing program answers a national call to support nurses who seek academic and career growth.

In a position statement issued in 2019, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing asserts that it “is committed to working with the larger education and health care communities to create a highly educated nursing workforce able to meet complex health care demands today and in the future. To that end, AACN encourages all nurses to advance their education and supports the many pathways to achieving academic progression in nursing.”

Penn College has been working to provide those pathways through five nursing education options.

Pennsylvania College of Technology’s nursing program offers a variety of pathways for individuals to begin and advance their nursing education.The health arts: practical nursing major prepares students to sit for the national exam to become a licensed practical nurse. Penn College offers admission into the five-semester associate degree major once a year to high school students, transfer students and Penn College pre-nursing students.

LPNs, often with tuition assistance from their employer, can seek admission to the college’s LPN-to-RN associate degree major, which prepares them to sit for the registered nurse licensure exam. The program is designed for working LPNs, with a mix of classroom and clinical experiences. Classes are scheduled on Friday, with clinical experiences on the weekend.

The college offers two additional pathways to an RN license. A nursing, RN preparation associate degree major and a “traditional” Bachelor of Science in nursing major prepare students to sit for the national exam to become a registered nurse.

Nursing, RN preparation is a five-semester major, while the traditional bachelor’s degree in nursing is an eight-semester major. Both majors offer admission twice a year to high school students, transfer students and Penn College pre-nursing students.

Registered nurses who hold a diploma or an associate degree in nursing and wish to continue their education to a bachelor’s degree may pursue the college’s online nursing completion (RN-to-BSN) major. The RN-to-BSN major accommodates one-, two-, or three-year completion timeframes, which allows working nurses flexibility in completing their education.

The college is pursuing a Master of Science in nursing with a concentration in nursing education.

To learn more about nursing majors at Penn College, call 570-327-4519.

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