Crosstown colleges launch pilot program for tuition exchange

Published 05.30.2019

President News
Faculty & Staff

The presidents of Pennsylvania College of Technology and Lycoming College signed an agreement Thursday to explore a tuition exchange program benefiting the dependent children of full-time employees at both city institutions.

In a ceremony at the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, Penn College President Davie Jane Gilmour and Lycoming College President Kent Trachte signed a memorandum of understanding establishing the terms of the program, which begins this fall.

Pennsylvania College of Technology President Davie Jane Gilmour and Lycoming College President Kent Trachte sign a tuition exchange agreement at the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce offices.“This pilot program provides a tremendous benefit to the employees of both institutions while strengthening the bonds we already share, such as cross-registration, Lycoming College’s expanded access to the Community Arts Center, co-sponsored community events and more,” Gilmour said. “We are pleased to partner with Lycoming for this initiative and look forward to exploring additional ways we may support each other and benefit the community.”

“This tuition exchange program has several advantages. Most importantly, it provides current employees of both institutions with another tuition exchange option for their children. In addition, it is an example of how major employers in the region can collaborate and create benefits that assist in recruiting and retaining talented employees. It also represents another step in developing our collaborative relationship with the Pennsylvania College of Technology,” said Trachte. “I know of several current employees of both institutions who look forward to taking advantage of this new benefit and I’m pleased that we have moved the agreement forward.”

The pilot program is anticipated to support employee recruitment and retention at both institutions. Program eligibility is extended to dependent children of full-time employees only. Employees and their spouses/partners are not eligible.

All eligibility requirements within the employee’s home institution tuition policy will apply. The program covers undergraduate studies only and is for students seeking a first bachelor’s degree at Lycoming College or first certificate, associate or bachelor’s degree at Penn College.

Penn College employees will receive an AdminWire portal message from Human Resources offering more details about eligibility and procedures for the tuition exchange program. As implementation of the benefit is finalized, a communication will follow in the upcoming weeks.

Another option open to Penn College and Lycoming College students is cross-registration, which allows students to explore courses or activities beyond those offered at their own institution. With cross-registration through Lycoming College, Penn College students may learn a foreign language or explore philosophy, religion, music or theater without leaving Williamsport.

Similarly, Lycoming students can avail themselves of the types of hands-on courses that are a hallmark of Penn College – everything from culinary and collision repair to automated manufacturing, building construction and landscape/horticulture.

For more about cross-registration eligibility and offerings, visit online.

Lycoming College partnered with Penn College in 2016 for expanded access to the 2,100-seat Community Arts Center – a wholly owned subsidiary of Penn College – to present performing arts, academic and community outreach events. The scope includes band and choral performances, recitals, musicals and music galas, guest speakers, film series, and related activities.

The partnership has paved the way for the two city colleges to jointly sponsor performances and student events. It has also grown into a platform for broader academic, co-curricular and social collaborations between the colleges, and a new collaborative is being introduced to provide a forum for wider-ranging strategic planning and execution, at rotating locations on both respective campuses.

For more about Lycoming College, send email or call 800-345-3920.

For more about Penn College, email the Admissions Office or call 800-367-9222.