Students explore plastics careers during campus visits

Published 02.25.2019

Polymer Engineering
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PlastiVan educator Elizabeth Egan demonstrates a particular polymer’s ability to absorb oil.Joshua J. Rice, instructor of plastics technology, answers questions from Montoursville Area High School students about a speaker part molded on the college’s thermoformer.Jose M. Perez, instructor of plastics technology, talks with visitors about the thermoforming lab and the hands-on learning that students do there.Five area school districts who have students taking Penn College courses through the Penn College NOW dual enrollment program brought students to campus to gain a lesson in polymer chemistry from the Society of Plastics Engineers' PlastiVan. They also toured the college’s plastics and polymer facilities. Feb. 19 brought a visit from the Jersey Shore High School and Sullivan County Middle School – which also attended a special session exploring personality types – and on Feb. 22, students from Montoursville Area High School, Central Mountain High School and Troy Middle School visited. The PlastiVan’s visit was sponsored by Sekisui SPI.