Penn College Weightlifters Break State Records at York Competition

Published 03.16.2016

Student News

Cusatis (left) and Sevrin at the York Barbell Club ...... and, in reverse order, hold their well-earned trophies.Two members of Penn College's Power Lifting Club team turned in record performances during this month's state championships at the York Barbell Club. Aubin I. “A.J.” Sevrin, a welding and fabrication engineering technology major from Lehighton, and Aaron B. Cusatis, an aviation maintenance technology student from Collegeville, competed in the Junior (ages 20-23), Raw, Amateur Division, 165- to 181-pound Weight Class. Their results were: Sevrin, 415 pounds squat, 315 pounds bench press and 475 pounds deadlift for a 1,205-pound total; and Cusatis, 485 pounds squat, 320 pounds bench press and 515 pounds deadlift for a total of 1,320 pounds. Both men broke the state record for deadlift, which was 472.5 pounds, as well as the 1,200-pound record for total. Cusatis broke the 415-pound record for squat and set records in deadlift and total.
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