Industrious Students Trade 'Feed' for 'Feedback'

Published 11.12.2015

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From left, Sabrina Smith, of Easton, who presented gluten-free snickerdoodles and two other cookie samples; Jazmin R. Walker, of Williamsport, who offered cocktail-inspired cupcakes; and Tiffany A. Reese, of Wellsboro, who prepared nine lollipop flavors for the event.Among products marketed by Ana Nicole Uribe’s “Cocoa Noire Bakery” was a raspberry lemon chiffon cake shot, dressed with flecks of gold leaf. Uribe is from Lewisburg.“Cocktail cupcakes” – including Chocolate Cherry Coke & Rum, Caramel Apple RumChata and Margarita flavored samples – were offered by Jazmin R. Walker’s “Sophisticated Sweets” bakery.Students cheerfully greet those stopping by for samples, encouraging comments on their new products.A sample of the creative point-of-sale merchandising employed by the students: Jessica N. Felton’s “Donut Break” artisan doughnut café.Students in the Advanced Baking & Pastry Operations course held a “trade show” in the Keystone Dining Room on Wednesday, showing off their skills – not only in baking, but in business planning and merchandising. In addition to the patisserie sales the class plans and produces in The Market throughout the semester, each student developed a new product, spelling out human resources and facilities requirements, and developing marketing materials and packaging. As part of the trade show, the students provided free samples of their innovative products – from coffee-glazed doughnuts to intriguing lollipop flavors, and from gluten-free cookies to five flavors of handmade marshmallows.