Penn College Offers Program to Track Nutrition, Allergens

Published 10.01.2015

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In an ongoing effort to provide accurate and up-to-date nutrition and allergy information to the campus community, Dining Services at Pennsylvania College of Technology began the Fall 2015 semester with the introduction of Net Nutrition.

A screenshot of Pennsylvania College of Technology’s interactive “Net Nutrition” menu guide shows selections, accompanied by nutrition information and potential allergens.Replacing the college’s online dining guide, Net Nutrition is an interactive software program that lists ingredients and nutritional information for each dining unit’s menu items. Customers can access Net Nutrition through the college’s website to build their own menus, track nutritional information and flag potential allergens. The program allows customers the flexibility to build menus from among any of the 10 dining units on campus, including two convenience stores.

Students were introduced to the program through online announcements, table tents, fliers and an information booth at the college’s annual Fall Fusion event. In addition, a professional development series, hosted by Sharon A. Berger, the college’s registered dietitian, was held in September to introduce employees to Net Nutrition, with another series scheduled for the spring semester.

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