Penn College Style: Unique Is Chic

Published 09.06.2015


A vintage photo from the college archives of students in a Klump Academic Center typing class inspired a photo quest for today's Penn College style.“It’s fun,” says Jonathan D. Straub of his bow-tie. No stranger to showmanship, this graphic design sophomore is also a magician-in-training. A line from one of Dalaney T. Vartenisian’s favorite spoken-word songs, a reminder to “embrace life,” is tattooed on her foot, while a botany-themed arm tattoo is a work in progress. From the Fall 2015 One College Avenue magazine: Inspired by fond "I-remember-those-styles" reactions to a vintage photo of a Klump Academic Center typing class, One College Avenue canvased campus to see what fashion trends students are sporting now. Personal expression is among this year’s Penn College wardrobe “must-haves.” Read 'Unique & Chic'