History Faculty Member Assists With World AP History Exam

Published 08.28.2015

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A history faculty member at Pennsylvania College of Technology is helping to develop various components of the 2017 Advanced Placement World History Exam.

Craig A. Miller, assistant professor of history/political science, says the AP World History Exam, including the AP European and AP United States History Exams, will change format and structure in 2017. As a member of the exam’s leadership team, Miller is engaged in developing new scoring rubrics for two portions of the exam.

Craig A. MillerThe new rubrics will be used to score all national and international AP World History Exams. He is also responsible for training readers to score the new exam and is involved in creating sample packets used by high school teachers to update their curricula to reflect the new standards.

The AP World History Exam is a college-level course offered to high school students by the College Board, a private, nonprofit organization that develops and administers standardized tests and curricula to prepare students for college success and opportunity. Each year, more than 7 million students participate in College Board services.

Miller has served on the AP World History Exam’s leadership team for five years. His service to the exam began nine years ago as a grader, followed by promotion to a leadership position in 2010. This year, he received an additional promotion to serve as a question leader for the pilot of the new exam.

“I believe the revised format is a much more effective way to assess student learning and more accurately reflects the level of instruction in a college classroom,” Miller said. “I really enjoy participating in the process. I get to collaborate with high school and college faculty and engage in some creative critical thinking.”

A faculty member at Penn College since 2011, Miller holds a doctorate in history from the University at Buffalo, with specialties in Native American history, Atlantic history and constitutional and legal history.

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