Campers Channel Creativity to Produce Unique Artwork

Published 06.26.2015


Campers show off some of the artwork they created for the storybooks they produced in print and digital formats. One of the magical fantasy houses created with clay and natural materials, complete with a swing at right! (Photo by Penny Griffin Lutz, manager of The Gallery at Penn College)A happy camper rolls out clay in the college ceramics room. A campus computer room teems with excitement and ingenuity.Campers pose on their final day and show off the masks they created in Photoshop. One of their mentors, Ainsley R. Bennett, a junior in graphic design, can be seen in the second row. (Photo by Penny Griffin Lutz)A four-day Creativity Art Camp, newly added to Penn College's summer activity schedule, drew 20 participants to main campus this past week. Students entering fourth through sixth grades worked with a variety of artists and media, producing pieces that beautifully blended talent and imagination.