Summer Campers Prepare Tasty, Nutritious Fare

Published 06.15.2015

Dining Services

Sharon A. Berger works with Camp ESCAPE youngsters in CC Commons. Half the fun of healthy eating ...... is the "eating" part!Learning about herbs with Andrea N. BreonYoung men and women in Penn College’s Camp ESCAPE got nutritional advice and a literal taste of hands-on food preparation when they met Monday with Sharon A. Berger, Dining Services' registered dietitian, and Andrea N. Breon, the Keystone Dining Room's head cook. Traveling from the Field House to CC Commons in the Bush Campus Center, the students were given an opportunity to see, smell and taste fresh herbs (parsley, chives and thyme) and use them to make an Italian dressing for their salads. They also made a creamy mint dip – a mixture of Greek yogurt, cinnamon, honey, vanilla, fresh mint and powdered sugar – that was enjoyed with oranges and bananas. The students also learned a few facts about honeybees and their importance to the ecological system. Camp ESCAPE is in the second of the season's seven weeks of fun and educational activities.
Photos by Noelle B. Bloom, assistant Dining Services director