'Trade Show' Hones Students' Skills, From Products to Promotions

Published 11.20.2014

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Theodore J. Persing’s marketing for “Succulent Sourdoughs” included an eye-catching bread basket.Daniel C. Frankenfield, left,  offers up a variety of cheesecake flavors, while Timothy L. Kuntz presented the concept for “Timothy’s Tarts” with samples of a sea salt caramel tart.Free samples of Diana N. Lindner’s cake pops ran out quickly.Jennifer N. Markozanis joins a line of “vendors” in offering samples to the appreciative crowd. Katie E. Arthur “sells” her “Babycakes” line of designer petit fours and cakes.The Advanced Patisserie Operations course completed its Trade Show activity Wednesday. As part of the course, the students develop a product line or business concept and put their marketing lessons to work by creating and staffing a display that includes product packaging, menus or price lists, business cards and other marketing materials, as well as samples. Their innovations included gluten-free cookies, pretzel-bread croissants, and bialy rolls topped with onions and poppy seeds.