Medical Helicopter Adds to EMS Students' Real-World Perspective

Published 07.24.2014

Nursing & Health Sciences
Paramedic & Prehospital Medicine
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Life Flight paramedic Gregg Martuccio (center), joined by John Summers, a visiting medical student, discusses the "situational awareness" needed to avoid contact with the craft's tail rotor.Martuccio and nurse John Harahus secure Stephen M. Yonkin, a pre-paramedic technician major from Dushore ...... for transport by student volunteers into the helicopter.Students step up for a peek inside.The aircraft lifts off shortly after 9:30 a.m.A four-man Life Flight crew from Geisinger Health System landed outside Penn College's Madigan Library on Thursday morning to share insight with students in the Operations and Rescue Practices for the Paramedic course. The helicopter, piloted by Capt. Curt Haldeman and based at the nearby Williamsport Regional Airport, stayed on-site for about an hour to answer questions and acquaint the class with the particulars of health-care delivery from above. Later in the day, the students trained in emergency-vehicle operation in a parking lot on the northwest side of campus.