A Penn College 'Thank You' for Campus Family's Military Service

Published 11.10.2013

Student News
Faculty & Staff

On this Veterans Day, we salute the students, faculty and staff who have served (or continue to serve) their country.

Members of the Pennsylvania College of Technology community are encouraged to honor with gratitude the military service of these co-workers and classmates, who are among those we recognize through this voluntary honor roll.

“The Wall,” an ever-growing photo collage of servicemen and women who attend or work at Penn College, as well as their family members and loved ones, is displayed in the Financial Aid Office. (Photo by Marc T. Kaylor, student photographer)Students
James H. Banks, Navy, six years’ service; Army National Guard, nearly two years (currently serving)
Keenan A. Bayus, Army, two years
Chester M. Beaver, Army (retired), 25 years
Jason M. Beaver, Army National Guard, seven years (ongoing)
Scott R. Bellum, Army, 1999-2011
Paul F. Bilby, Navy, 1980-92 (including Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm); Army Reserve, 2001-present (including Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005-06 and 2010-11)
Coral R. Bloom, Air Force
Joshua P. Boal, active-duty Army, August 2003-January 2010
Catherine L. Bockheim, Air Force, 1978-96
Julius G. Bockheim, Air Force, 1983-2005
Scott E. Border, Marine Corps, 2008-12 (including service in Afghanistan)
Robert W. Brown, Army, eight years
Gregory A. Burrill, Army (retired), 20 years
Jesse L. Carroll, Army, four years of service (including Operation Iraqi Freedom)
Brad D. Coder, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, 2010-present
Shaun C. Devine, Marine Corps, four years
Travis S. Draper, Air Force, 2000-06
Barry L. Farr, active-duty Navy, 1982-92 (and senior vice commander of Howard W. Kahler Post 844, Veterans of Foreign Wars)
Raymond F. Fennell IV, Army, three years and seven months (including service in Iraq)
Ian Golten, Navy, six years
Derek W. Heilbrun, Army National Guard, one year and seven months
Jessica M. Hein, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, 2008-present (currently at Fort Indiantown Gap); previous active-duty Air Force service
Letitia L. Hobbs, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, nine years (currently serving)
Luke M. Ingraham, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, two and a half years (including deployment to Afghanistan in 2012-13; still serving)
Katherine L. Kelley, Army National Guard, four years
Joshua D. Kelly, Marine Corps, four years and five months
Scott E. Knight, disabled Army veteran, 1988-96 (including Operation Desert Storm)
Lindsay E. Lesieur-Shultz, Air Force, 2005-11
Kimberly A. Lindsey, Air Force, five years
Joseph J. Logue, Marine Corps, five years’ active duty
David L. Maffett, Army Reserve (retired), 25 years of service, including a tour in Iraq from January 2003-April 2004
Chelsea L. Manning, active-duty Army, 2008-10
David R. Martin, Army (retired), 2000-12
Patrick S. Masters, Marine Corps (1983-90) and Air Force Reserve (1991-2004)
Stephen A. Medeiros, active-duty Army, four years; ongoing service in a National Guard component
Marc A. Molina, Army, 2003-08
Joshua E. Nelson, active-duty Army (medically retired), 11 years’ service
Ronald D. Parks, Army (retired), Dec. 21, 1987-March 20, 2013
Keith O. Reinhard, active-duty Navy, four years’ service
John C. Rickert, Army National Guard, two years (ongoing)
Ross F. Ridenour, Air Force, 1997-2005
Steven E. Rooth, active-duty Army, November 1992-October 2010
Sarah E. Ruhlman, Coast Guard, 2008-present
Daryl T. Schrimp, Army, 2007-12
Dana S. Sealander, Marine Corps, five years
Christopher W. Shirk, Pennsylvania Air National Guard, three years
Paul Simko, Army, four years
Donald A. Smuck Jr., Marine Corps, 2008-12
Lori L. Spencer, Air Force, July 1996-June 2002
Andrew C. Thompson, Army
James M. Thornton, Navy, five years (including one year in Afghanistan)
Peter W. Van Hemert, Army Reserve, three years
Mark J. Verbyla, Air Force, 1996-2006
Nicholas S. Visconti, Navy, four years
Diego H. Wilson, Army Aviation, two years
Joshua D. Young, Marine Corps, 2009-13

Kimberly A. Fox, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, six years (including a tour in Ramadi, Iraq)
Katherine L. Francis, Army, four years
Terry A. Girdon, Army (retired), 28 years’ active duty
John M. Good III, Army, five years
Walter V. Gower, Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve, 22 years
William P. Kilcoyne Jr., Marine Corps, 1977-92
Kenneth C. Kuhns, Air Force, 1972-76
Joe Loehr, Air Force, 1968-72
Robert I. Mitchell, Air Force (retired), more than 22 years of service
Kurt P. Schmitt, Pennsylvania Army National Guard (currently serving)
Dennis P. Skinner, Marine Corps, 1975-79
Lawrence P. Stabler, Air Force (retired), October 1954-May 1963
Alfred M. Thomas II, Army, 1968-70
Dennis R. Williams, Army, 1968-74
Thomas A. Zimmerman, Navy Reserve, 30 years

David A. Bates, Navy, 1979-82
Kenneth L. Berry, Army, 1975-78
Clifford P. Coppersmith, Army Reserve and National Guard, 12 years
Stephanie A. Dimon (also a student), Air Force, eight years
David L. Eury, Army Signal Corps, 1975-77
Raymond J. Fischer Jr., Army Reserve, 20 years (retired)
Monica B. Freeman, Army, 1980-84
Bambi A. Hawkins, Coast Guard, 1988-94
David L. Mauck, Coast Guard (1978-82) and Pennsylvania Army National Guard (1982-85)
Rex E. Moore, Army Infantry, four years (including Vietnam service in 1970-71)
Steven V. Nickell, Marine Corps, 1984-88
Walter D. Nyman, Army, 1967-70
Charles W. Oldt, Navy, 1966-72
Walter J. Shultz Jr., Navy, 1993-99
Robert J. Slothus, Air Force, 1971-74
John G. Trenholm, Army National Guard, July 15, 1980-Jan. 5, 1994, and July 4, 2005-July 4, 2006
Kimberly A. Venti, Air Force, four years
Charles H. “Hank” White, Air Force, 1963-68 (during Vietnam War)