LLWS Festivities Not Sole College Connection to Major-League Guest

Published 08.15.2013

Faculty & Staff

Chris E. KuleGaylord Perry's opening pitch begins 2013 Series play.It's probably a safe bet that Chris E. Kule is the only Penn College faculty member ever to successfully step into the batter's box against a Hall of Fame hurler, a reminiscence spurred by Gaylord Perry's campus visit in conjunction with the Little League World Series. Perry served as grand marshal for Wednesday's Grand Slam Parade and greeted Series teams during an on-campus cookout, prompting Kule to share his unique baseball memory. "A number of years ago when I was teaching at another institution, some of my faculty colleagues and I formed a baseball team," said Kule, an assistant professor of biology (anatomy and physiology) in the School of Sciences, Humanities & Visual Communications. "We practiced together for several months and then played another team of faculty from a nearby college." It was one of those summer "fantasy baseball camp" games, in which a former major leaguer participates for a few innings and meets the players afterward. "For our game, that player was Gaylord Perry, who pitched for both teams during the last three innings or so. I was fortunate to have an at-bat against him in the bottom of the final inning, and somehow managed to even get a hit – what a thrill!" Kule said. Perry met with players and signed memorabilia after the game; Kule still has an autographed baseball. "He was great to talk with (and play against), as I recall his colorful and kind manner," he said. "It was quite an experience, for sure."