1974 – Collective Renown

Published 06.25.2013


Interesting attractions nothing new for Penn College libraryA fiber work, "Triangulate #5," by artist Jackie Thomas is part of the "Art Alive!" exhibitThe Madigan Library offers an array of visual displays throughout the year, both in the library itself and in The Gallery at Penn College on the third floor. This is no new ritual, as the college has been doing so since the Williamsport Area Community College days dating back to the ’60s. A notable presentation, afforded coverage in the Nov. 15, 1974, issue of the Spotlight student newspaper, was titled “The Collectables": assorted collectible items from local donors. It covered a wide range of interests, showcasing antique purses, buttons and (long before Wildcat Comic Con) comic books. The Gallery's current display is "Art Alive!" – pieces in a variety of media, created by regional artists.  A Viewer’s Choice prize will be awarded at the conclusion of the exhibit. Voting is open until June 28, so be sure to check it out!