Penn College Finishes Nationals Weekend as Bronze-Flight Champs

Published 04.10.2013


With eight straight-set wins and four consecutive match victories, the Penn College Men’s Volleyball Club team ended its season atop the bronze-flight bracket at last weekend's National Collegiate Volleyball Federation championships in Dallas.

The Wildcats began their Saturday with a 2-0 win over Bethel (Minn.) University,  found dominating form with a 2-0 win over the University of California, Merced, and really hit its stride with a crushing 2-0 defeat of Calvin (Mich.) College.

“The match against Calvin College was the most dominant two sets I have seen this team play together all year," coach Cody Goss said. “We were dominant blocking and played defense behind it, which enabled us to come right back at them and really control the pace of the match.”

The bronze-flight final matched Penn College against Dartmouth (N.H.) College, with Penn College dramatically winning the first set, 35-33.

"I think that is the longest set I have ever witnessed. We had set-point probably five or six times before we were able to put it away," Goss continued. “I was ecstatic to see the guys persevere and come out on top; that shows maturity to me, which is what you want to see the most in the final match of the season.”

The team took the last set in less-thrilling fashion to win the flight in Division II.

“It was an outstanding way to finish the season," the coach said. "Everyone on the team really stepped up." Goss credits great effort by all 11 players: seniors Adam Smith, Jordan Mosher, Tyler Jones, Kyle Scheid and Byron Prieto; juniors Brad Kabosky and Eduardo Bendeck; sophomore Jarred Barch; and freshmen Mike Shirey, Billy Bryson and Kaden Bennett.

“This was an incredible opportunity for all these players, one which they earned," the coach said. "It’s an experience I think many of them will look back on for the rest of their lives."