Presentation Gives High Schoolers Helpful Insight Into Penn College Experience

Published 04.09.2013

Information Technology
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Harold K. Dauncey shares his senior project with an inquisitive group of high school students.Three representatives of Penn College's School of Business and Computer Technologies visited Central Mountain High School in Clinton County on Monday, twice showcasing a student's senior project for about 40 members of Ken Kryder's electronics class. Daniel W. Yoas, an associate professor of information technology at the college, detailed career opportunities in IT; Brian D. Walton, coordinator of matriculation and retention for the school, spoke about selecting the right college; and Harold K. Dauncey presented his senior project: a magnetic lock relay for door entry. An information technology: network specialist concentration major from Jackson, N.J., Dauncey completely designed, constructed and programmed the control board, and created a database and web interface so access could be changed, updated and maintained. "The students were entranced at the functionality and had great questions about what classes ... helped him complete this project." said Walton, who also provided the photo at left. "The students were also actively asking Harold questions about being a college student and his time at (Penn College)." Upon graduation, Dauncey is returning to work with a security company in New York City. After he interned there last summer, the company offered him a job and is paying for his last year of college.