Dance Team Undergoes Intensive Training in New York City

Published 04.08.2013


The Wildcat Dance Team attended a New York City Dance Intensive on Saturday, March 23, at the world-renowned Broadway Dance Center. The training curriculum included classes in a variety of styles taught by the center's staff of international dance teachers: Jamie Salmon and Peter Schabel, ballet; Jeremy Miller and Michele Oliva, contemporary jazz; Jared Jenkins, Luam and Eric Negron, hip-hop; Bev Brown, hip-hop/funk; Eric Jenkins, hip-hop street jazz; Michele Barber and Debbie Wilson, jazz; Q, jazz funk; Dawn Hillen, pop ballet; and Nicolas Young, tap. "The Broadway Dance Center training experience truly provided a palpable abundance of creative energy that invigorated the minds, bodies and souls of our dance team members," head coach Milissa Augustine said.