Bowling Club Team Wraps Up 2012-13 Season at State Tournament

Published 02.26.2013


Penn College's bowling club team finished its season at the Pennsylvania Collegiate Athletic Association state tournament, held Feb. 16-17 at the Moshannon Valley Super Bowl in Philipsburg.

Coach Bret Nogle provided this recap of the teams' performance:

"The beginning of the season for the men proved to foreshadow what was to come the rest of the year. The hands of Owen Darby, Cody McKillips, Matt Bamonte, Adam Ives, Taylor Smith, Chris Fares and Dakota Griewisch revved up a total of 7,715 pins to leave second place over 1,400 pins behind. Darby claimed the high-game award with his 278 in the second match, while McKillips stormed out of the gate in the first match to snag the win for high series with a 749. The guys brought their 'A' game again to ... Philipsburg, where, after three games of singles, doubles and team, and nine games of Baker's, they managed to squeeze 1,200 pins between themselves and second place. Fares and Griewisch also managed to capture the singles award with a tie at 622 apiece. The talent available on the team is undeniable and it should be a pleasure to watch these young bowlers master their craft in the coming years."

"The season started out well for the women. Jessica Kurtz, Amanda Dibble and Danielle Lazore led the field for the first two matches, but only by a small margin. Unfortunately, the women were overtaken by Penn State Scranton in the last match. In Philipsburg, on the toughest conditions of the season, Kurtz and Dibble kept grinding every frame to take third place in doubles with a combined score of 863, and later finished fifth and ninth in singles, respectively."