Military Service Honored as College Joins in Veterans Day Observance

Published 11.12.2012


On this Veterans Day, we salute the Pennsylvania College of Technology students, faculty and staff who have served (or continue to serve) their country.

The high-flying colors outside the Student and Administrative Services Center offer a daily symbol of Pennsylvania College of Technology's military family.Members of the campus community are encouraged to gratefully honor the military service of these colleagues, who are among those we recognize through this voluntary honor roll:

Jason A. Baier
, Air Force, four years
Ryan P. Baumgratz, Army, July 2005-October 2010 (including two tours in Iraq)
Stanley T. Beck Jr., Navy, 1990-2010
Scott R. Bellum, Army, 12 years of service
Paul F. Bilby, Navy, 1980-82 (Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm); Army, 2001-12 (including Operation Iraqi Freedom)
Charese M. Bova, Army Reserve, January 2011-present
Lisa M. Bower-Irvin, Army Reserve, 2000-08 (including service in Iraq from 2006-07)
Jesse L. Carroll, Army, January 2008-January 2012
Edgardo Diaz, Army, 2006-11
Travis S. Draper, Air Force, 2000-06 (including deployment to Iraq in 2003)
Benjamin H. Eischeid, Marine Corps, July 2008-July 2012
Barry L. Farr, Navy, 1982-92
Samuel P. Ferster, Marine Corps (retired), September 1987-September 2007
Raymond J. Fischer III, Army Reserve, six months (currently serving)
Rebecca E. Gelwan, Army, 2010-12
Frederick A. Gonsar, Marine Corps, 2006-10
Robert M. Hecknauer, Army Reserve, May 2009-present
Luke D. Hoff, Army, January 2002-July 2005
James J. Jimenez Jr., Navy, 2005-09
Anthony M. Jorgensen, Army and Pennsylvania National Guard, nine years
Katherine L. Kelley, Army National Guard, three years (currently deployed)
Jannette J. Killian, Navy, five years
Tiffany A. Kilpatrick, Navy, six years
Ryan L. Krauss, Marine Corps, 2002-06
Kimberly A. Lindsey, Air Force, five years
Carol A. Lyons, Navy (retired), 23 years' service
Chelsea L. Manning, Army, 2008-10
Mallory C. Maurer, Navy, four years
Theodore Z. Miller, Army, May 2006-October 2010
Jonathan P. Neidig, Army, five years
Joshua E. Nelson, Army, 11 years' service
Megan S. Nestel, Navy, four and a half years
Jason C. Phillips, disabled Air Force veteran, Sept. 10, 2000-August 2006
Allen J. Price, Army, Aug. 5, 1997-June 6, 2002
Keith O. Reinhard, Navy, four years' service
David P. Reinhardt, Army, 2006-12
John C. Ripka Jr., Navy and Army (retired), 1982-2007
Colt D. Robbins, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, two years
Lindsey M. Romano, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, two years
Joseph C. Sarmento, Navy, 1992-97
Leslie J. Schafferman, Air Force, 2000-12
Christopher W. Shirk, Air National Guard, two years
Phillip N. Snell, Air Force, 12 years
Alicia M. Stryker, Navy, four years
Lawrence R. Walker III, Army, four years (including a one-year deployment to Iraq)
Ronni N. Warner, Pennsylvania Air National Guard, three years
Andrew S. Wickard, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, four years
Diego H. Wilson, Army National Guard, May 24, 2012-present
Joseph D. Wood, Army for eight years, Army National Guard for one and a half years

Dennis R. Dorward, Army, 1982-85
Katherine L. Francis, Army, 1986-90
Walter V. Gower, Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve, 22 years
Barry P. Heiser, Air Force, Aug. 10, 1964-Aug. 9, 1968
Kenneth C. Kuhns, Air Force, 1972-76
Robert I. Mitchell, Air Force, 22 years of service
Richard R. Motter Jr., Naval Reserve, 1965-75
Dennis P. Skinner, Marine Corps, 1975-78
Lawrence P. Stabler, Air Force (retired), 1954-63
Keith N. Stefanowicz, Air Force, 1987-90
Dennis R. Williams, Army, 1968-74 (including service in Vietnam)
Thomas A. Zimmerman, Naval Reserve, 30 years

Kenneth L. Berry, Army, 1975-78
David L. Eury, Army, 1975-77
Raymond J. Fischer Jr., Army Reserve, 20 years (retired)
Monica B. Freeman, Army, May 1980-May 1984, following by two years in Army Reserve
Bambi A. Hawkins, Coast Guard (1988-91) and reserve (1991-94)
Eugene M. McAvoy, Navy, 1980-88
Paul D. McBride, Navy, 1960-63 (the latter two years in Guantanamo Bay during the Cuban Missile Crisis)
David L. Mauck, Coast Guard (1978-82) and Army National Guard (1982-85)
Larry L. Michael, Air Force, 1968-72
Rex E. Moore, Army, 1966-74
Walter D. Nyman, Army, 1967-70
Michael J. Paulhamus, Air Force, 1971-75
Walter J. Shultz Jr., Navy, 1993-99
Robert J. Slothus, Air Force, 1971-74
Rebecca A. Steer, Army, May 1985-January 2003
Kimberly A. Venti, Air Force, four years
Colin W. Williamson, Navy and Naval Reserve, 20 years