Absent Suitable Textbook, Aviation Faculty Member Writes His Own

Published 09.19.2012

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Inspired by students and driven by need, an associate professor of aviation at Pennsylvania College of Technology has written a textbook for his avionics classes.

Thomas D. Inman’s “Avionics: Beyond the AET” – available in bookstores and already incorporated into the School of Transportation Technology curriculum – has been published by AVOTEK Information Resources. AET stands for Aircraft Electronics Technician, and is the entry-level certification under the National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies.

“The text took me two years to write,” Inman said. “I was motivated by the needs of our students and the lack of an appropriate text compatible with NCATT standards. I had powerful motivation, in not having a suitable textbook for most of my 26 years of teaching.”

Thomas D. InmanCovering nine heavily illustrated chapters, the book is intended to prepare technicians for certification exams in the most frequent endorsements to the AET: radio communications systems, dependent and autonomous navigation systems, and installation and integration (not yet available from NCATT).

Penn College was among the original grant recipients when NCATT, formerly known as the National Center for Aircraft Technician Training, was formed and funded by the National Science Foundation to develop educational standards, curriculum and certification for aircraft electronics technicians.

Inman holds a master’s degree in instructional technology from Bloomsburg University, a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from Western Michigan University, an associate degree in avionics from Ferris State University and a leadership certificate from The Chair Academy.

He has served as executive director of the Association for Avionics Education and is a regular contributor to the Aircraft Electronics Association magazine.

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