Tradition Born in Awarding of Construction Management Coins

Published 05.08.2012

Construction Management
Student News

  Faculty member Wayne R. Sheppard presents a commemorative coin to graduating construction management senior Noah A. Grube, of New TripoliAttendees assemble in The Valley Inn banquet room for the first 'Coining Ceremony'Penn College's Construction Management Program recently held its first "Coining Ceremony" for graduating seniors. Adopting a popular military tradition, a specially engraved construction management coin has been issued to alumni since the major celebrated its 20th anniversary last fall. "Beginning this year, our intent is to award a coin to all graduating seniors at the end of the semester as a keepsake, a reminder of their time at Penn College and as a conversation starter out in the industry," said Wayne R. Sheppard, assistant professor. There are several traditions tied to the coins, he said. One of the more popular is the coin challenge. If one holder produces his coin (usually while at an event) and the other person cannot, he or she is responsible for buying the challenger a drink. If the challenger presents a coin on demand, he or she is owed a drink. The ceremony featuring hors d'oeuvres, socializing and the award of coins was held Thursday evening at The Valley Inn in DuBoistown. Photos provided by Wayne R. Sheppard