Record-Setting Performance Lifts Student to World-Class Status

Published 03.14.2012

Student News

Tyler J. McCloskey, a first-year physical fitness specialist major from Quakertown, has ranked in the top 10 of the World Raw Modern Junior (20-23 age/242-pound weight class) RPS Powerlifting Federation. At the 2012 Barno-Newman & RPS (Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate) Master and Police Nationals on Feb. 18 in Allentown during which he set four Pennsylvania powerlifting records McCloskey performed a back squat at 500 pounds, a bench press at 320 pounds and a deadlift at 515 pounds. His combined lifts equaled 1,335 pounds, placing first overall in his competition class and second in the world. Three lifts are required in a total powerlifting competition, which requires raw strength, balance and flawless technique: the back squat, the barbell bench press and a bent-leg deadlift.