Students Snap Staff/Faculty Win Streak in Annual Volleyball Match

Published 04.20.2011


Student squad Action near the net Staff/faculty teamThe students were shorthanded, but that didn't take away their spirit against staff/faculty volleyball opponents Wednesday in Bardo Gym. "The students built a good lead in the first game, but the staff/faculty team battled back and tied it twice only to fall in the first game, 25-19," said intramural assistant Jeremy R. Bottorf (who also supplied the photos). "The secondgame started out the same, as the students built a large lead ... but the staff/faculty once again started chipping away. In the end, the students came on strong and won, 25-13, ending the staff/faculty's winning streak." Player/captain David Florist led his student teammates Kristina Dalsey, Joseph Saramento, Greg Johnston, Phillip Lee against the title-defending lineup of Dan Warner, Michael Hersh, Chris Suzadail, Andy Gutkowski, Kim Bolig and Dawn Moore. "The staff/faculty team is now 3-2 over the past five years and you can bet they're looking forward to getting back on the winning track next year," Bottorf said, adding "A big 'Thank you' to everyone who participated and to Dylan Lackey for refereeing."