Beautiful Photos Belie Winter of Child's Discontent

Published 02.23.2011


Barren trees don frosty coat for winter's lingering days Hardy explorers' footprints mark a trail across otherwise pristine landscapeMonday's overnight storm delivered more than a "snow day" for Penn College students and employees; it fostered divergent opinion from separate corners of campus. On the plus side, digital publishing specialist Larry D. Kauffman put his artist's eye to work and captured these pastoral photos of nature's wintry grandeur. His enthusiasm wasn't shared by one youngster at the Children's Learning Center, however, as evidenced by this "from the mouths of babes" exchange relayed by director Karen Woland Payne: "The Bears were having circle, and 5-year-old Kylee announced that she is going to be a 'weather girl' when she grows up. Teacher Gail (Landers) asked her what weather girls do, and Kylee responded accurately enough that they say what the weather will be. Then she added that she wants to do this job so she can say, 'No more snow!'"