National TV Audiences Exposed to Penn College

Published 12.17.2009

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A banner day in NYC King and Queen Penn College got some national television exposure this month on NBC and CNN. Banner-carrying members of the college's Students in Free Enterprise chapter, in New York City on Dec. 5 with their adviser (Dennis R. Williams, associate professor of business administration/management), were glimpsed in the closing moments of "Weekend Today." Students Kaitlyn M. Kennedy, Shawn S. Twigg, Christopher M. DiStasio, Brent N. Renninger and PelayoA. Menendez IV were rewarded with the trip for SIFE'ssecond-place national finishin this year's Let's Can Hunger effort with the Campbell Soup. Co. "We got to NYC around 7 a.m. and arrived at the NBC studio at Rockefeller Plaza," said Kennedy, chapter president. "There was already a crowd, but, after some people left, we managed to get right up against the fencing. We brought our banner and a Let's Can Hunger sign to display if we made it on the broadcast. We stood outside until the last 10 minutes of the show and, just as we were ready to leave, the hosts came back outside and down to where we were standing. We got on the show in the last five minutes. We tried to raise our banner so that it could be seen above the heads of the hosts, but the broadcast ended before we got the sign up." The group also explored the city, including a stop at Macy's, before embarking on a snow-hampered trip home. Over on CNN, 16-year-old Andrew Altman brother of Joshua T. Altman, enrolled in the residential construction management and technology: building construction technologyconcentration mentioned the college during a Dec. 10 interview with Larry King. The guest was singer/actress Queen Latifah, the centennial ambassador for the Milton Hershey School, and the younger Altman was one of four Hershey students interviewed on the air.