Use of Appliance Timers Latest 'Green Tip'

Published 11.18.2009


Many of our appliances are powered around-the-clock, when they don't need to be. Energy can be saved without loss of convenience if select electrical devices are de-powered when not needed. Appliance timers are small, low-powered, plug-in items available at home improvement and other stores that can control any appliance that has a plug. Good examples of uses include: turn off wireless routers when everyone is asleep, turn off air purifiers when you are at work, turn off devices that use a remote control overnight so they don't "stay alive" when not needed, turn on and off table lamps (with energy-efficient bulbs) in the evening for security. Everything will come back on automatically according to schedule. PCToday's green/energy-saving tips are provided by the college's Energy Conservation Subcommittee; Richard C. Taylor, chair, provided this week's item.