One Person's Unwanted Trash Can Find Reuse

Published 10.05.2009

Landscape/Plant Production
School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies News

This week's Green Tip is brought to you by Penn College's Horticulture Club: It's safe to say that we like it when we can keep things out of the landfill and find a home for something that may not be needed any longer. The hard part is to locate people who share those feelings and may want to receive some of those goods. There are Web sites out there that do just that! Consider checking out the Freecycle Network to connect withpeople in your area looking to get rid of items that might otherwise end up in the landfill. The Horticulture Club co-sponsors this regular feature with the college's Energy Conservation Subcommittee. Contacts are subcommittee member Gail B. Landers , also a group leader at the Children's Learning Center, and Carl J. Bower Jr. , horticulture instructor in the School of Natural Resources Management.