Fall Is for Planting, Horticulture Club Reminds

Published 09.21.2009

Landscape/Plant Production
School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies News

This week's Green Tip is brought to you by the Horticulture Club: Fall is a great time to plant in your landscape because of lower temperatures and increased rainfall, but make sure to think before you plant. Consider planting native species that are better acclimated to our area and often will tolerate local insects and diseases, as well as the amount of rainfall we get. Be aware of the invasive species, too. Many landscape ornamentals have a tendency toward an aggressive or invasive nature. Plants such as privet, burning bush, Japanese barberry and many honeysuckles tend to be invasive. While these can look nice, they often can escape our garden and take over in the wild. The Horticulture Club co-sponsors this weekly feature with Penn College's Energy Conservation Subcommittee. Contacts are Gail B. Landers, group leader at the Children's Learning Center and a subcommittee representative, and Carl J. Bower Jr. , horticulture instructor.