On-Campus Team Delivers Powder-Puff Payback

Published 04.26.2009


Evasive action Tight quarters Double-teaming the offense Finding daylight Who has the ball? The on-campus Powder Puff Football team was looking for revenge ... and got it Sunday night against its off-campus rivals. The on-campus squad fought through adversity, and even lost one of its teammates in the heat of battle, but held on to win 14-7. The on-campus team of Ashley Adasavage, Temi Agboola, Amanda Allanah, Ashley Beatty, Desiree Buffington, Brittany Davis, Jacalyn Doyle, Lillian Elek, Shaana Exantus, Melinda Fake, Kiki Gwynn, Brittany Hahn, Porsche Hoffman, Stephania Karoullas, Jordan Kelley, Lauren Kelley, Kate L'amoureax, "Birthday Girl" Jenna Lawrence, Caroline Matter, Brittany Meade, Jess Messerschmidt, Andrea Morehead, Tricia Paden, Michelle Perkins, Elizabeth Reynolds, Jaquelyn Scalfaro, Kristen Starr and Kylie Wozniak scored with 1:56 left in the fourth quarter as Karoullas rushed from one yard out to tie the game at seven. The off-campus team had scored just minutes before, when Kelsey Mack took the ball up the middle for a brief 7-0 lead. Mack was everywhere during the game, picking off not one ... not two ... not three ... but four passes from the on-campus team. Caroline Matter had one interception for the on-campus team, which, coincidently, was thrown by Mack. The off-campus team of Jackie Smith, Jess Foutz, Bobbi Hill, Steph Woite, Miranda Cerrone, Shari Paul, Loren Brooks, Ann Marie Prosser, Mack, Jenna Harner, Jonaesha Smith, Jennifer Gavlock, Sarah Daugherty, Ashley Lombard and Fallon Bond lost the coin toss to start overtime and the on-campus team quickly threw the ball downfield for a nice gain. Four quick downs later, it was up to the off-campus team to move the ball farther than its opponents. The on-campus team was as fired up as ever and didn't allow the off-campus team to move the ball; it was four and out and the on-campus team prevailed to win the game 14-7. Game recap by Jeremy R. Bottorf, intramural assistant; photos by Kenneth L. Barto, student photographer