Students Present Posters for National Radiologic Technology Week

Published 11.18.2008

Student News

Evangelical Community Hospital, Lewisburg Mount Nittany Medical Center Susquehanna Health During National Radiologic Technology Week, Nov. 2-8, the students from the Radiography Program designed poster boards to be displayed at their respective hospital sites: Evangelical Community Hospital, Mount Nittany Medical Center and Susquehanna Health. Students compiled information about radiation protection and the physics of radiography. This year's display focused on the profession of radiography and had a blend of technical information for health-care professionals, as well as some common information for the public relaying how they are protected in the radiology department when being X-rayed. Students also gave the public some education on mythsversus truths about radiation. National Radiologic Technology Week commemorates the anniversary of the X-ray, which was discovered Nov. 8, 1895, by Wilhelm Roentgen.