WEB Tops Student Organizations in Book-Buyback Promotion

Published 08.17.2008

The College Store
Student News

The College Store has announced the winners of the May College Store Buyback Promotion. The promotion was for student clubs and organizations to encourage their members and friends to recycle unwanted textbooks during the store's end-of-semester buyback. Every student who sold back a book was given a poker chipthat they could deposit in the collection container of their favorite club or organization.

Colleen Hauser, assistant director and textbook manager, said the promotion was a success, with more than 4,000 votes cast andeight student clubs and organizations participating.

She looks forward to holding the promotion again with December's textbook buyback. Watch for information on how to get your club or organization involved.

The club with the most votes was the Wildcat Events Board. The College Store donated $375 toWEB's club account to use as it wishes. Earthsmart came in second and was given $275; Campus Crusade came in third and received $175. The following clubs each had $75 deposited to their accounts: American Sign Language, Association for Computer Machinists, Multicultural Society and the Penn College Society for Human Resources Management.

Matthew Branca, College Store director, thanks all the clubs that decorated their collection containers and hopes this promotion will be a continuous event at the end of each semester.

"It's a win for everyone involved," he said. "Students make money selling back their unwanted textbooks. The College Store is able to recycle those textbooks to other students, both on campus and around the country; student clubs are given the opportunity to earn some money for their own club members to use as they wish."