First-Year Heavy Equipment Student Receives Another Scholarship

Published 07.25.2008

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An incoming Pennsylvania College of Technology freshman who transformed a hometown dump site into a picturesque nature trail is among three students nationally to receive a $1,000 "ConstructMyFuture" scholarship to offset the costs of his education.

William R. Gumbert, of Allenport, this fall will begin the two-year heavy construction equipment technology: technician emphasis major in Penn College's School of Natural Resources Management. He also plans to earn an associate degree in heavy construction equipment technology: operator emphasis and a bachelor's in technology management.

In his scholarship essay, the California Area High School graduate wrote of his three-year effort to turn a dumping ground along Allenport Hollow Creek into a quarter-mile wildlife-educational trail. Gumbert worked with local residents and businesses, family, friends, Cub and Boy Scouts, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to achieve his goal.

"Motivated students like William are a joy in the classroom and contribute so much to the quality of the educational experience for other students and faculty," said Mary A. Sullivan, dean of natural resources management at Penn College. "I'm eager to see how he puts his future heavy equipment degree to work in other environmental endeavors."

In addition to the ConstructMyFuture scholarship, awarded through the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Gumbert last month received a $1,000 PA CleanWays Sue Wiseman Scholarship for his ambitious work.

"Currently, 60 dump-truck loads and 1,000 bags of garbage, three tons of scrap, 450 tires and two 23-foot filled Dumpsters have been removed," Gumbert wrote. "Including all construction of bridges, informational signs, picnic areas, benches and nature habitats, a total of 1,300 volunteer hours have been invested in the project."

"If I can accomplish my goal with the minimum amount of power tools, sweat, muscle and innovation," he added, "imagine what I could accomplish with the knowledge to operate and maintain heavy equipment."

More about the scholarship, which eases tuition for students in construction-related academic majors or helps buy tools for those already working in the field, is available online .

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