Businesses, School Districts Converge to Partner in Career, Work Education

Published 12.11.2007


From left: Karl Girton, Davie Jane Gilmour, Gerald Zahorchak, Dean Girton and Daniel Kuba. Among speakers at Tuesday's Central Pennsylvania Gold Medal Initiative: Champions for Career Development Kickoff Summit, held in the Academic Center Auditorium,were Gerald Zahorchak, state secretary of education; Karl Girton, chairperson of the State Board of Education; Daniel Kuba, deputy director of the Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board; Dean Girton, chair of the Central Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board; and Davie Jane Gilmour, Penn College president. The summit brought together the region's school districts and business leaders to form a partnership to both help students prepare for the world of work, which, in turn, increases the supply of qualified employees for area employers. The initiative was a project of the Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corp. and was facilitated by Penn College through the Outreach for K-12 Office.