Students Enlist 'Expert' Help to Beautify Local YMCA

Published 10.29.2007

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Josiah J. Leisher, Titusville, is surrounded by helping hands Andrew S. McDonald, Muncy, surveys his pool of talent YMCA work detail pauses for a group photograph Eric J. Hunsinger, Danville (left); and Nathan T. Williams smilingly supervise a young member of their crew Students from Penn College's School of Natural Resources Management recently got some help from acknowledged authorities when it comes to digging in the dirt: a group of boys and girls from the Williamsport YMCA child-care facility. The 2-year-olds joined "Y" staff and the students on Thursday in a project at the local agency, a practical follow-up to their instruction in the landscape/nursery operations class taught by Carl J. Bower (who provided these photos to PCToday).