Students, Staff and Guests Enjoy Technology Demonstrations

Published 09.11.2006

Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology

From left%3A Mark Denlinger, account manager, NEC Unified Solutions%3B Jeff Weaver, assistant professor, Penn College%3B Timothy Weidman, senior sales engineer, NEC Unified Solutions%3B and Paul Legere, account manager, Cisco Systems.On Sept. 7, Pennsylvania College of Technology students, staff and invited guests from around the area enjoyed a demonstration that came to campus as the Cisco Network On Wheels, a 25-foot van equipped with an array of Cisco Systems networking technologies.

Hosted by the Penn College Cisco Networking Academy and sponsored by NEC Unified Solutions, six individual sessions were presented highlighting new technology in the areas of Voice over Internet Protocol, security, mobility and network management.

Timothy Weidman, senior sales engineer, NEC Unified Solutions, was on hand to talk with attendees about the latest advances in technology, while Mark Denlinger, account manager, NEC Unified Solutions and Paul Legere, account manager, Cisco Systems, were available to discuss integration solutions and purchasing options.

Jeff Weaver, assistant professor of electronics and computer engineering technology at Penn College, remarked during the event, "I am grateful to NEC Unified Solutions and Cisco Systems for making this opportunity available to Penn College students. While we have a substantial amount of networking hardware and software in our Cisco Networking Academy lab, these are experiences that I cannot duplicate in my lab. For students to have the chance to talk to seasoned network professionals and see a variety of emerging networking applications is a most valuable part of the education process. I want to extend my thanks to Mr. Weidman, Mr. Denlinger and Mr. Legere for taking time out of their schedule to come spend the day on our campus and talk with us."

Penn College is a Cisco Networking Academy that offers classes to prepare students for Cisco Certified Network Associate and Cisco Certified Network Professional professional certifications. For more information about Cisco certifications or how to schedule for a class, stop by Weaver's office in ATHS, Room E121, or contact him at (570) 326-3761, ext. 7702, or by e-mail .