Student's Article Published in National Computer Magazine

Published 02.15.2005

Student News

Michael C. BadgerAn article by a Pennsylvania College of Technology student was published in a recent issue of a national magazine for Information Technology professionals.

Michael C. Badger, a Technical and Professional Communication major from Northumberland, wrote "LinuxQuestions.Org: Help Is a Question Away," which appeared in the December 2004 issue of LinuxWorld Magazine. The publication's primary audience is IT professionals who deploy or who are considering Linux Solutions.

Badger interviewed Jeremy Garcia, founder of the online support community, to gain insight into common obstacles that new users have in identifying and resolving difficulties with the Linux operating system.

"Problem-solving is rarely an exact science," he wrote in his 1,500-word article. "Often, users want an exact answer that solves a problem on the first try. The troubleshooting process is trial and error. There are too many factors involved to expect you will receive the 'right' answer, right away."

Badger found that effective problem resolution in Linux has nothing to do with knowing what the right answer is; it's about asking the right five questions to find the right answers: "What tools are needed?" "What information is needed?" "Where are solutions found?" "What is a good question?" "What skills should a new Linux user acquire?"

"I think Mike did a great job. The article was accurate and I can tell he did the necessary research to get background information on the topic," Garcia said. "A job well-done."

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