Brett A. Reasner to Assume College Council Chair

Published 02.04.2005

Faculty & Staff

Brett A. ReasnerBrett A. Reasner, associate professor of aviation and the 1999 Master Teacher at Pennsylvania College of Technology, has accepted the position of chair-elect for College Council.

"I am pleased with the chance to serve the College in this capacity. I look forward to working with colleagues currently serving in the Governance system and encouraging new members to join," he said. "Governance is an integral part of the decision-making process at Penn College, and that directly affects all of us."

A current member of the Curriculum Committee, Reasner also has served two terms as vice chair of the Student Affairs Committee and an appointed stint on the Long Range Planning Committee.

Any member of the College community who would like to be part of Governance should watch for upcoming announcements to nominatehim/herself or another person for one of the open positions on the Governance committees. A list of open positions will be available soon.