Penn College Presents Awards to Staff, Part-Time Faculty

Published 05.14.2003

Faculty & Staff

Pennsylvania College of Technology presented "Distinguished Staff" and "Part-Time Teaching Excellence" awards Wednesday, while also honoring retirees and the newest members of the College's "Quarter-Century Club."

The honors were bestowed at an Employee Recognition Week Reception held at Penn's Inn in the Bush Campus Center.

The Distinguished Staff Awards, now in their eighth year, recognize the contributions of Penn College's full-time employees, who are nominated for the honor by their peers. Awards were presented to one employee from each of the College's three staff classifications: Administrative, Professional and Technical; Classified; and Service.

Bonnie L. Ingram, science laboratory technician, received the Distinguished Staff Award for APT employees. Karen I. Rishcoff, secretary to the Dental Hygiene and Radiography programs, received the Distinguished Staff Award for Classified employees. Brian D. Hopple, General Services custodian at the Student and Administrative Services Center, received the Distinguished Staff Award for Service employees.

Of Ingram, her principal nominator said: "We all know that when all members of a work area agree on something, a miracle has occurred. Our miracle is Bonnie. Although we all have different personalities and work styles, we share a mutual respect for Bonnie and an appreciation for all she does to help us serve our students. It says something about Bonnie when you have many more people who want to be nominators than you have spaces on this form."

Of Rishcoff, her principal nominator said: "What motivates me to nominate Karen Rishcoff is witnessing her tackle the not-so-easy tasks that come her way throughout the work week. . . . I am not sure what motivates Karen to do the right thing each day. All I know is that she brings to her job great skills, honesty, loyalty and a feeling of purpose. She does all this with a smile and a caring heart."

Of Hopple, his principal nominator said: "While I realize there are many great service staff at the College, Brian is the one that those of us in the building know best. He is not just a custodian, but also a friend, a smile on a bad day, and an example to the faculty, staff and students of a person who takes pride in a job well done."

Part-Time Teaching Excellence Awards were given to Jack E. Fisher, lab assistant for forest technology, and Judith W. DeGregorio, instructor of mathematics.

Fisher's student nominator had this to say about his attributes: "Mr. Fisher always finds time to assist his students. He is very open-minded and will adjust his teaching to benefit the student's education. Not only is he available during his office hours, he can be found in the library, computer lab, or in the workshops offering assistance in his spare time. Mr. Fisher is very enthusiastic when it comes to educating students. He has a goal to help students become as knowledgeable as possible to succeed in their careers."

A student nominator had this to say about DeGregorio: "I have observed her continue to encourage her students to come see her if they are having trouble understanding the current lecture concepts. . . . She goes out of her way to ensure that students know she is available for them should they require her assistance with math. . . . She gives recognition to those students that demonstrate improvement and encourages those that need to strive harder to improve and attain goals."

Quarter-Century Club members honored at the reception are: Michael Cunningham, chief information officer; Linda J. Fischer, coordinator of mail services; Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour, College president; Dr. Philip H. Henning, associate professor of electrical technology/occupations; Rae Ann Karichner, associate professor of dental hygiene; Edward L. Roadarmel, assistant professor of drafting and CAD technology; and Paul Zell Jr., assistant professor of diesel equipment technology.

Retiring employees honored at the reception are: Patricia M. Baldwin, help desk coordinator; Roger E. Davis, associate professor of mathematics; Beatrice E. Hilliard, secretary to the associate vice president for academic affairs; David L. Hilliard, shipping/receiving worker; Roslyn M. Keck, stock clerk/textbooks; Glenn F. Kline, associate professor of diesel equipment technology; Lee R. Swartz, property protection/records officer; Clara L. Way, human resources information system specialist; and Judith A. Winder, manager of mail and document services.