New, first-year students are housed in Rose Street Commons (Dauphin Hall, Lancaster, York, Juniata, Delaware, and Clinton) to provide a strategic programming and support base as these students transition to successful college students.

Upper class students reside in Campus View and The Village at Penn College. Programming and activities are geared toward the unique needs of these students, and provide a medium to create lasting friendships.

2020-21 New and Returning Student Housing Contracts

New Student Housing Contract Information

  • Students who have been accepted to the College and paid their tuition deposit are eligible to complete a housing contract on the Student Information System (SIS).
    [Sample 2020-21 Full-Year New Student Housing Contract]
  • New students enrolled in the Honda PACT, Ford ASSET, or Mopar CAP programs must complete the Honda PACT/Ford ASSET/Mopar CAP Student Housing Contract, available on the Student Information System (SIS). To coincide with the academic program schedule for these programs, the contract offers a limited number of short-term housing contracts to these students, allowing them to reside on campus half of the fall and spring semesters, and a set number of weeks during the summer term. Students pay approximately the rate of a full-year contract during the school year, and approximately $120/week for the summer term.

Returning Student Housing Contract Information

The returning student housing application process begins in February. On-campus housing is available to returning students on a first-come, first served basis. Contracts available in February will include full-year housing contracts, December graduate housing contracts, and Honda PACT/Ford Asset/Mopar CAP housing contracts.