Many Penn College students receive PA State Grants. The maximum annual 2019-2020 award is $3,772 or  $1,886 a semester, for full-time enrollment.

To be eligible, you must meet specific requirements, including: a) be a Pennsylvania resident, b) be enrolled in a major which is at least two full years and 60 credits in length, c) take at least six credits per semester, and d) meet other eligibility requirements including satisfactory academic progress (as defined by PHEAA).

To apply, first submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the year you are planning to attend Penn College. Your FAFSA information will be electronically transmitted to PHEAA. New students (and their parents) should complete and sign their PA State Grant Form starting with a link they find from their FAFSA Submission Confirmation page. Returning students may receive emails from PHEAA, requesting information; these should be addressed quickly and thoroughly.

If you received a PA State Grant last year, you need to reapply for the next academic year. Submit next academic year's FAFSA well before May 1. Note that Penn College's Priority FAFSA Submission Deadline is March 1.

If your college and/or housing information changes, you must update that information on PHEAA's records. It's easy!

  • Sign into Account Access from AES
  • Click 'View the Status on my PA State Grant' from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the correct academic year (if more than one year is listed) and click 'View Details'.
  • Select 'Update School Information.'
  • Make needed changes to your college of attendance (and housing status) on the 'Change of School Information Form;' click 'Submit' to complete your update.

Note: There is no winter term at Penn College.

Interested in a summer PA State Grant? Beginning in March, you can complete your Pennsylvania Summer State Grant Application from PHEAA's Account Access website.

  • Your summer courses must extend for a total of five or more calendar weeks.
  • Full-time PA State Grant assistance covers a maximum of four semesters for most associate-degree students or eight semesters for bachelor-degree students. If, for example, you have only two full-time semesters of eligibility remaining, using a summer PA StateGrant will mean you have only one full-time semester remaining after summer.
  • PHEAA does not determine awards until May or June, which may be too late to help cover your Penn College eBill for summer classes.

Certificate programs may be covered by a PA State Grant, but it depends on the program. PHEAA's policy states that an eligible program require a minimum of 60 credits and be at least two years (or four semesters) in length. Therefore, only the following certificate programs are eligible for PA State Grants:

  • Diesel Technician (DC)
  • Automotive Service Technician (AM)
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician (AC)

If I take distance education classes, am I eligible for a PA State Grant?

Yes, as long as you satisfy all other PA State Grant eligibility criteria.

Note: As of Fall 2018 Semester, students taking more than 50% online credits a semester will be considered for PA State Grants, provided they satisfy all eligibility criteria. However, award amounts are lower for distance students.

Learn more about PHEAA's Distance Learning policy

Developmental courses may cause a decrease or removal of PA State Grant aid. PHEAA requires students' schedules to consist of at least 50% regular (non-developmental) credits.

PHEAA also limits the number of semesters that developmental credits can be considered as part of enrollment status for grant eligibility. PHEAA refers to these semesters as 'remedial exceptions,' and limits the number to two full-time semesters or four part-time semesters. If, for example, you previously used two remedial exceptions, and are enrolled as a full-time student but have fewer than 12 regular credits, you will only receive a part-time PA State Grant.

Learn more about the Pennsylvania State Grant Program from PHEAA.

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