1. Complete the Integrated Assessment Plan:
    • Review chapter drafts.
    • Collect appendices.
    • Update existing materials/practices (e.g., accredited/certified majors).
    • Present full draft for review to key staff.
    • Publish the plan.
  2. Apply assessment methodology to revised Goals of the Core Curriculum:
    • Gather additional assessment "best practices" that reference the core goals; add to public website.
    • Design professional development sessions to assist faculty, instituting an across-the-curriculum approach/responsibility for assessing core.
    • Identify/Develop suggested strategies for assessing core within the majors; post on public website.
  3. Contribute to the revision of Program Review as requested/appropriate.
  4. Prepare for Middle States Association accreditation self-study:
    • Review Commission publications on assessment.
    • Review 2002 self-study and 2007 PR&R assessment chapters; develop list of recommendations and also changes in assessment-relevant institutional practice since those years.
    • Identify areas of strength and weakness vis a vis Commission expectations; determine how best to address the weaknesses and initiate strategies.
    • Respond to the deficits identified by 2008 NSSE:
    • Review data indicating significant change from the 2006 NSSE as well as significant (negative) deviation from peers.
    • Rank the items so as to identify areas of greatest concern using institutional mission as the determinant.
    • Identify strategies for validating and measuring the identified areas of concern.
    • Draft recommendations.