After another productive year, the QTA Committee is proud to highlight these major accomplishments for 2010/11, which answer directly to the goals established for the year.

  • Successfully implemented Quality through Assessment: the Penn College Plan and Process.
  • Assessed the first three core goals (Information Literacy, Computing Literacy, and Written Communication) in May, per the Penn College Plan and Process; a schedule is in place for assessing the remaining goals.
  • Prepared multiple drafts of three chapters relating to Middle States assessment-related standards 7, 11, 12, and 14 for Steering Committee review; continued data collection efforts and made progress toward gathering appropriate materials for appendix and exhibits.
  • Clarified/codified the relationship between the QTA Committee and the Assessment, Research & Planning (ARP) Office to further define responsibilities and integration strategies that will ensure optimal use of resources; welcomed two new ARP staff members to QTA Committee, thereby improving both campus assessment capabilities and committee effectiveness.
  • Reviewed the NSSE 2010 survey results as compiled by ARP and prepared a summary of that data for publication on the College's website.
  • Identified and organized five professional development sessions, including sessions for adjunct faculty, and participated in self-study related sessions.
  • Recommended to move assessment-related professional development planning to the Assessment, Research & Planning Office.
  • Recommended the creation of an Assessment Institute.