The QTA Committee had an exceptionally productive year. The list below highlights the committee's major accomplishments in 2009/10, which answer directly to the goals established for the year.

  • Made significant progress toward completion of the Integrated Assessment Plan, including drafting reviewing, and endorsing six chapters; creating appendices as collected in support of plan content; requesting current data and materials; and establishing a process for extended review and rollout.
  • Applied assessment methodology to the revised goals of the Core Curriculum through inclusion in the Integrated Assessment Plan, analysis of best practices, professional development, discussion for implementation strategies within areas of math and communications, and examination of commercially prepared assessment instruments.
  • Continued to support and guide Program Review revision.
  • In preparation for self-study work on Middle States assessment-related standards 7, 11, 12, and 14, established a timeline of tasks; reviewed appropriate publications and historical reports; contributed relevant questions and data sources for Design Document; and prepared, aggregated, and reported on assessment activities for group sessions.
  • Responded to deficits identified by 2008 NSSE by determining areas of improvement and cross-referencing results of FoE surveys with NSSA.
  • Reviewed various commercially available products and existing technological systems for potential use as data-gathering mechanisms.
  • Recommended the addition of a FAC course focused on curriculum development to strengthen the assessment component of proposals.
  • Reviewed various departmental assessment instruments and templates.