Seek and ye shall find!

Published 08.24.2021

Construction Management
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Properly masked and artfully composed, students connect with another new arrival (and unfailingly good sport) Ellyn A. Lester, assistant dean of construction and architectural technologies.Another stop on the cross-campus itinerary: the entrance sign at Maynard Street and Hagan WayHoping to add some style points to their contest total, the "ties have it" in Career Services' clothes closet.A stopover in the veritable playground that is The Dr. Welch Workshop: A Makerspace at Penn College checks another box on the students' scorecard.A crime-free capture outside Penn College Police headquarters, as a team meets up with Lt. David C. PletzIn a creative and instructive icebreaker for the fall semester, first-year construction management students participated in a sweeping scavenger hunt intended to boost their familiarity with classmates and Penn College alike. Following guidelines shared by Wayne R. Sheppard, assistant professor and department head, teams were charged with moving around main campus, obtaining selfies and satisfying other criteria at a variety of locations. Groups were instructed not to disrupt classes as they worked through their assignments, designed to let first-year students get to know one another; to introduce them to supportive upperclass colleagues; and to acquaint them with some of the people and resources that can help them along their road to success: administration and faculty, Construction Management Association officers, LEAP advisers, Tutoring Services and the Center for Career Design, among them.
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