Students provide free IRS-sponsored tax return services

Published 04.27.2021

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Accounting & Business Administration
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Pennsylvania College of Technology students again provided free income tax preparation services to the community, helping scores of taxpayers file their 2020 returns for a total combined refund amount of $143,919.

“This year, even with our capacity limited (due to COVID-19 protocols), we were able to get 124 federal and state returns filed,” said Bob M. Nolan, instructor of business administration/accounting and finance.

The service, part of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program sponsored by the IRS, is designed for taxpayers who have relatively uncomplicated returns to prepare their returns and file electronically.

The six students who helped, all majoring in accounting or business administration: management concentration, received IRS training to become certified to prepare tax returns. The college’s VITA services were offered Feb. 8-April 7.

“All of our appointments got booked up within the first few weeks of February,” said Nolan, explaining that demand was especially high, since similar sites in the area were not open this year.

The experience is valuable for both taxpayers and students, who practice not only tax return preparation, but also the soft skills associated with interacting with clients.

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