2016 Dates

Tuesday, June 28 Wednesday, June 29

Age Group

Students entering grades 9-12

Fee: $150

includes all activities, meals, and on-campus housing

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Registration deadline: Friday, June 3, 2016

About the Camp

Explore the exciting world of digital marketing in the sport and event management industry. Our faculty will introduce you to marketing concepts in the digital world and how they relate to customer relations, digital media, marketing tools, sales, event planning, and sport management. Campers will learn about a variety of management and marketing positions relating to both sport- and event-based industries, such as major and minor sports leagues, retail, equipment, tickets, conventions, conferences, event entities, sport agencies, health clubs, and much more. Join us for two days, as our passionate faculty get you excited about what a future in business and marketing may hold for you.

Sport & Event Marketing Workshops

Customer Relations

Campers will focus on how and why consumers behave as they do and why they make certain decisions, as well as use of process, strategy, and technology to better relate to customers.

Event Planning

Campers will explore managing and planning events through identifying event needs while developing strategies for comprehensive event experiences relating to the scope of resources, site specifications, and audience accommodations.


Campers will learn techniques and practices used to develop and improve sales skills.

Social Media

Campers will explore techniques of implementing digital/social media and web analytics to effectively reach the target market.

Sports Management & Marketing

Analysis of the functional areas of management as related to the study of the sports industry. Topics will include how to define, develop, and implement an effective sport marketing strategy while recognizing the importance of the dynamic nature of the external environment. Emphasis is placed on the promotional needs for specific events such as conventions, festivals, entertainment, and other event-based activities.

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