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What is eBill?

eBill is an electronic representation of your tuition bill. It displays the same information as the traditional paper bill. Rather than receive bills through the mail, the bill is presented online with the option to make payment using eCheck or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).

Why does the College use eBill?

Many processes at the College are now “paperless”, or electronic, including applying for admissions and applying for and accepting financial aid. The majority of students is familiar and comfortable with online transactions and appreciates having flexible, convenient ways to manage the business side of being a student. Many educational institutions around the country have also adopted electronic billing as their primary method of billing. eBill brings time and monetary savings to both students and the College. There are no checks, envelopes, or stamps needed to make a payment.

What are the benefits of eBill?

  • eBill provides convenient access from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Information is secure and confidential - only you and individuals authorized by you can view your eBill.
  • Automatic email notifications are sent to your official college email account when your eBill becomes available on SIS.
  • The eBill is up-to-date with all known financial aid funds.
  • Parents and authorized others can view the eBill and make payment.
  • There are no mailing and postal delays.
  • If you pay online, you will see your payment on your account immediately.
  • eBill contributes to the budget savings which indirectly affect the cost of tuition.

Why didn't I receive my student bill in the mail?

The College began sending bills electronically (eBill) in Fall 2007.

Why did I still receive a tuition bill in the mail?

You may have chosen the student preference in SIS to have a paper bill mailed to your home address. Log in to SIS anytime to change your student preference regarding tuition bill mailing.

How will I know when I have a new eBill?

An email notification will be sent to your College-assigned email address when a new eBill is available. No sensitive student information will be in the notification. Failure to receive email notification will not be accepted as a reason for missing a payment due date.

Can I use an email account other than my College account?

Yes. Our system allows you to setup an alternate email address (e.g. for receiving notifications regarding your eBill. You may enter an alternate email address under the "Address/Personal Contact Information" area of SIS. Your alternate account will not replace your College-assigned account. Entering an alternate account simply means the College will email notifications to both accounts.

How do I access my eBill?

Log in to SIS using your Penn College Username and password and select “View eBill” from the SIS menu to access your eBill.

Can my parent or guardian access my eBill?

Yes. You may authorize a third-party user, such as a parent or guardian, to access your account by selecting the "Grant Parent/Guest Access" option on SIS. This will enable other authorized users to view your eBill and make payment. You may revoke an authorized user's access rights at anytime.

Do I have to receive eBill? Can I get a paper bill instead?

For a paper copy of your bill, you may print a copy of your eBill on SIS. You may also opt to have your tuition bill mailed to your permanent/home address by selecting the" Change Student Preferences" option on SIS.

How can I view my eBill if I do not have a computer at home?

All students have access to the Internet via the on-campus computer labs. Parents and others can access the Internet at work or a public library.

How can my family obtain my eBill if they do not have access to a computer?

You may pay your bill online using eCheck or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).  Payment using eCheck will require you to enter your bank routing number and your bank account number. To pay by credit card, you will be required to enter the card number, expiration date, and security code from the back of your card.

How will I know if my online payment is approved?

Approved eCheck and credit card payments will be instantly reflected on your eBill.

Can I mail in my payment?

We encourage you to make your payment online with eCheck or credit card. However, if you want to mail a check, please print the payment voucher from your eBill to submit with your payment. All checks and money orders must be made payable to Penn College. Be sure to include your student ID number on your check. Mail your voucher and payment to:

Bursar’s Office/Student Accounts
DIF 120
Pennsylvania College of Technology
One College Avenue
Williamsport, PA 17701-5799

Payments must be received in the Bursar's Office/Student Accounts by the due date, not just mailed or postmarked. A $50 late fee will be charged to the student's account if the payment is received after the due date. Penn College does not accept post-dated checks. Please do not mail cash.


Bursar's Office/Student Accounts

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